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Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website design


  •  Responsive, Mobile-friendly website layout, compatible with all screens / devices
  •  Website Branded, themed and styled with logo, graphics and calls to action
  •  Configured to handle all possible customer-selectable product variants (sizes, colours, multibuy, etc)
  •  Website links to Product reviews, FAQs and testimonials
  •  Social media & blog integration
  •  Run Website Promotions, Offers & Discounts - create product-specific offers or discounts based on order value
  •  Export any product & order data in CSV format
  •  Website Shipping - Easily set up multiple shipping zones & delivery options


  •  Easy to use & intuitive dashboard to quickly add categories, subcategories and all  product information & images
  •  Full Inventory / stock control for products and all product variants
  •  Upload multiple high resolution product images for product page Zoom / enlarge feature
  •  Multiple variants for each product (colours, sizes, sizes with different prices etc)
  •  All products fully searchable by brand, type, item code or any other tag you specify
  •  Easily set up multiple shipping zones & options based on weight, order value or  destination


  •  Instant email notifications of new orders and product enquiries
  •  Instant order / payment confirmations to customers
  •  View customer, order and payment status at a glance
  •  Automatically generate / print out invoice & packing slip
  •  click to update delivery status and automatically send dispatch notification email
  •  Export order data for specific date ranges in CSV format for use in spreadsheets
  •  Add & update notes to orders


  •  Intuitive, user-friendly interface lets you manage website, products and customers - no technical knowledge needed
  •  Instant Dashboard view of open orders on login to Admin area
  •  Easy to follow instructions for every function
  •  Low stock warnings shown for any product(s) which have reached your minimum stock quantity setting (also emailed to you)
  •  Quickly add or edit FAQs, testimonials and blog pages, approve or discard product reviews
  •  See all product or general enquiries and respond (also emailed to you)
  •  Open Livechat to engage with live customer enquiries
  •  Perform website / database maintenance & cleanup at the click of a button


  •  Our Ecommerce web design has been built with SEO pre-integrated for better search engine results
  •  Website Category & Product pages configured to change the webpage name to the category or product name
  •  Easily create Checkout coupon codes for percentage or fixed value discounts or set up product specific promotions (2 for 1 etc) or free delivery above specified order value
  •  Sitemap in place for Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine website indexing / ranking
  •  Product pages individually configured for search engine & social media recognition
  •  Add blog pages / articles and images using our WYSIWYG editor to attract website visitors & enhance SEO and product narrative
  •  Link blog pages to products (and vice versa).
  •  Add brand logos, barcodes, EANs and other product specifics to product pages to maximise search engine results


  •  PCI Compliant website & SSL to ensure the security of all customer data
  •  The Ecommerce website is completely self-contained with fully integrated cart, checkout  and payments module. No 3rd party / other software required
  •  The Ecommerce Website platform has been developed in-house since 2003 using a powerful HTML5 / PHP / Mysql database framework and is constantly updated
  •  Hosting provided on our very fast quad core TLS2 compliant servers
  •  Unlimited email accounts & forwarding, no space or bandwidth restrictions, comprehensive website Visitor Tracking & statistics,
  •  24 / 7 dedicated server team ensuring optimum website performance.
  •  Integration with any / all leading website payment gateways (Worldpay, Sagepay, Barclays ePDQ, HSBC, Nochex, Authorise etc). Paypal, Cheque & Bank Transfer are built-in options)


We're not the cheapest but we're probably one of the best value for money web design companies around. We provide real help and advice and create websites that do exactly what they need to do - easy to manage, easy for your customers to use and compatible with any screen, phone or device.

Any of the services we provide can be put together as a "package deal" to fit with a budget. Location doesn't matter - we have clients all over the country and overseas too. Everything can be done by phone and email. If you prefer to come and see us, that's fine too. All our clients are long term - many have been with us for 10 years or more, some much longer. We've helped to grow many of them from tiny startups to established, profitable businesses with websites at the top of Google.

Any help, support or advice given, now or in the future, is never, ever charged for. If email is not your thing, call me on 01332 720422. I'm down to earth, I understand business and I don't do corporate buzzwords or talk jargon.

Alternatively, if you email me with an outline of what you're hoping to do (guy@gsinewmedia.com), you'll get a full, frank and detailed explanation of what will work, what won't work and what it's likely to cost to achieve what you have in mind.

Call Guy Somerville on

Telephone 01332 720422